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1stGraduation.com website will deal with the United States term of graduation whereas a student may graduate from a high school or a university. Many countries around the world such as the United Kingdom do not have a graduation program for people graduating from anything other than a university. United States and Canada refer to advancement from a primary or secondary level of schooling to the next level as a graduation.

The definition that we will use for graduation is the act of receiving an academic degree and/or the ceremony this sometimes in conjunction with. Students prior to graduation can be referred to as graduands, after the graduation ceremonies, the student can then be referred to as a graduate.

Graduation can also be called commencement, convocation or invocation. Various schools throughout the United States will also variations as to what they may call the act of graduation.



The higher level of academics you will notice the traditional academic dress, also known as graduation robes, being used for graduation.

There are some guidelines over the years developed by The American Council on Education. They are the authority on academic regalia in the United States and developed an Academic Ceremony Guide. Most universities use this guide.

Graduation can be difficult for larger schools / universities whereas large number of people will be graduating. Several options exist to handle larger graduation ceremonies. The graduation can be broken into academic departments, multiple ceremonies, multiple locations, and by faculty distribution.

Whether a student is given an actual diploma by hand at time of graduation or given a paper stating they attended the ceremony, the act of graduation is what this web site would like to focus on and deliver information, suggestions, and helpful hints.


Graduation is a great time in most persons life and we would like to help you enjoy that experience to the fullest. Click on the image below and enter the wonderful world of graduation. You will find information for yourself, friends, relatives, loved ones and other students.

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